About Daikin

Daikin is the World's number one air conditioning company. Daikin is a leading innovator and worldwide provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning and heating solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With more than 90 years of operation, Daikin has sold millions of systems throughout 140 countries. But what makes us great isn't just our HVAC systems - it's our personal service, commitment to quality, and technological innovations that allow us to be a leading HVAC manufacturer.

About Daikin Comfort
From the earliest models nearly 100 years ago, to the futuristic designs of today, our commitment to innovation is the hallmark of Daikin. Our products have high levels of efficiency that show in our zone controls, sleek designs, and refreshingly reliable service. Only Daikin can offer you what you most need in an HVAC unit -  not only more comfortable air, but also the peace of mind that when you choose the Daikin brand, you have made the best decision for your home.

The Daikin Difference
Daikin is dedicated to the pursuit of comfort and exceeding customers’ expectations, by offering technologically innovative products, and backing them up with outstanding warranties, along with expert, friendly service. Additionally, Daikin has your comfort in mind when every product is developed. Daikin works hard to innovate and make each system to be efficient, reliable and durable. With Daikin residential air conditioning systems, you have control of your indoor environment. From heating and cooling, to humidifying and ventilation, our full product range utilizes our unique heat pump and inverter technologies to maintain the proper balance of temperature, fresh air, and humidity for each living space all year round.
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